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Floating tour in the Gorges du Verdon

Floating is known to be an unforgettable experience...

Imagine yourself on a half day or day-long adventure in one of the most remote and wild parts of the Grand Canyon du Verdon.​

Floating, or aquatic hiking, is a mix of activities: swimming in the rapids, hiking and base jumping (optional between 2 and 10 meters high)


This trip is dedicated for the family. If you want to see the last part of the gorges and the entrance of the canyon, you will do this tour ! It's very adapted for the kids (small jump), small rapids, ... It's very safe ! There is also a really good jump for the adult !  

This trip lasts 2h00 (1h30 on the water and about 20 min hiking).

discovery   FLOATING


The discovery floating  lasts 2h00 (1H30 in the water and 30 min hiking on the way back (easy path). It's accessible to every one who do a minimum of sport. It's not hard, but you need to be confortable in the water. It's open for the kids aged of 12 years old and over. 

We go down for 1,5 km in the canyon. You just need to float, jump (not an obligation), and enjoy an unique and magic place !

sportive   FLOATING


Mystic Floating, an experience in floating in the Grand Canyon du Verdon, is sporty, remarkable and simply magic


The route is between the Passerelle de l'Estellier (a suspended footbridge) and the Chao de l'Imbus, in the heart of the Verdon natural regional park, a truly magical and mystic setting that you can discover from the inside out.

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Where can we do floating 
in the Gorges du Verdon

There are severals places in the Gorges du Verdon to do the floating. Most of the time, we do the floating in the section that we call the Canyon du Verdon. It starts at the place called Point Sublime and take end at the lake Sainte croix, 27 kilometers downstream close to the village of Moustiers Sainte Marie.

According to the trip that you will choose, there are severals meeting place. 

Meeting place for the discovery and family trip 

For these two trips, we have a meeting place on the carpark in front of the campsite municipal de Carajuan. You will get your equipment at this place and then we will drive you (with the car of Secret River) to the departure of the floating. We also call the family trip "parcours de Tusset" and the discovery trip "couloir Sansom". These two tours are located at the beginning of the Canyon, close to the place called Point Sublime.  To drive to the meeting place from Castellane, it's about 25 min and 35 min from the lake Sainte Croix. 

Meeting place for the Mystic floating trip

If you choose to do the full day adventure, also called "The Mystic Floating", the meeting place will be on the left side of the canyon, close to the village of Aiguines, it's close to the lake sainte Croix and it's at 50min far away from Castellane.  The meeting place will be on the carpark in front of l'hôtel du grand canyon du Verdon. Most of the time, we are parked close to aid post.  

Carte général Floating.png

When can we do floating 
in the Gorges du Verdon

The floating can be done when the dam is close. If the flow is too strong, it can be dangerous for you, so it's why we have to do this activity when the flow of the river is quiet.

The floating in July and August

In July and Auguste, we can do it every day except the Tuesday and Friday. These two days, the dam is open, when it's open, you can do only the rafting, kayaking and packrafting.

The floating the rest of the year !

From September to June, we know if the dam is open or close just one day before, but even if the dam is open, we can do another activity. There is all the time some activities to do to explore the Verdon area !

Canyoning or Floating ?

What is canyoning

Canyoning is an activity inside the canyon, you go down the canyon with jumps, slide and zipline. The guide will use ropes all the time. When you swim in the pool, the flow is quiet. You will get a full equipment with harness, carabiners, ... To discover well the activity and see all the tour in the Verdon area, you can contact Mathieu from Canyoning Sud Est. 

What is floating

Floating is like canyoning without the use of the rope. You go down the river on your back and the flow will push you. There are jumps, but it's not an obligation. When the rapids are too strong, you will hike on the side.


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