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Packrafting inside the Canyon du Verdon  

What is packrafting ? 

Definition of packrafting ?   

Since few years, we can see more and more packraft. A packraft, is a inflate kayak very light (about 3kg for the single and 6 kg for the double). This kayak is really easy to pack when it's folded, it can fit inside a 40 liters backpack.

What can we do with a packraft ?

The packraft invite us think back to the way of traveling. With this kayak, it's easy to imagine new trip including trekking and kayaking, bike and kayaking, .... We can do more things and the packrafting is perfect to discover the Verdon ! 

Our packrafting tour



The packrafting will give us the possibility to explore the canyon of the Verdon from an unique way, far away from the ordinary tourism. 

The tour Blanc Martel will offer us different types of landscapes, a mix between hiking and paddling. We will be alone on the river to discover the secret of the Verdon...

2 days packrafting

This multi days tour is also a mix between hiking and paddling but we will explore all the canyon and the last part of the canyon.

When we put in, there is no more exist until the end, on the lake Ste Croix.

This tour can be done only if you have experience of wild water kayaking.


The packraft and the Gorges du Verdon

The Verdon is an amazing river, many parts can be done kayaking or rafting but the canyon is perfect for packrafting. 

Which parts of the canyon can be ride ? 

Le canyon du Verdon lasts 27 kilometers. It starts at the place called Pont sublime, it' 22 kilometers downstream the village of Castellane to finish at the lake de Sainte Croix. In total, it's 27 km and 19 are available by trek with the hike Blanc Martel (discovery trip) and the hike of the Imbut. After that trek, there 8 kilometers very wild that you can discover only with a packraft (sportive trip). 

If you are a good kayaker with experience, you can ride all the canyon. It's grade 2, 3, 4 with many syphons ! All the big drops can be scout and the portage is not so hard ! According to your technical level, you can make this adventure mixing trekking and packrafting.  For your first descent, you need a guide who know very well this canyon. 

When can we do packrafting in the Verdon ?

Between Castellane and the lake de Sainte Croix

Verdon is a river with a dam. If you plan to ride the river from Castellane to the lake Sainte Croix (Gorges du Verdon and the Canyon du Verdon), you need that the dam is open (at least 10 cubic meters). In July and August, it's each Tuesday and Friday. From September to June, we don't know. We have the information just one day before. 

The part upstream of Castellane - High Verdon

The part who are located upstream of Castellane is called "haut Verdon", or high Verdon. There is no dam on this part, so you can paddle it as soon as the river is up enough. Most of the time, you can ride it in May after few days of rain, or when the snow is melting. 

The low Verdon

It's all the parts under the lake of Sainte Croix. It's some gorges, nice landscapes et easy to paddle ! You can paddle these sections almost all the year. 

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