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The family rafting and the family floating 
in the Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon are an amazing place. Secret River gives you the opportunity to discover this area with your family ! We have several activities that you can do with your children. All the activities are safe and a guide is with you all the time. 

The family rafting 
in the Verdon Gorges


Discover the Gorges du Verdon with inside a raft with all your family with the trip family rafting tour, 1h30 of rafting to ride the Verdon and go down it rapids.  Many rapids and jumps are waiting for you ! This tour can be done with children from 6 y.o ! 

Rafting Verdon

The family floating tour 
in the Verdon Gorges

Explore from the best way the most beautiful part of the Verdon with the floating tour. With a wetsuit, you will float in the Verdon, swim in the rapids and jump if you want ! For sure, it's the best way to enjoy all the landscapes of the Gorges du Verdon ! 


The adventure kayak / hike with the family
In the Gorges du Verdon  

Safely explore the most beautiful Verdon Lake by kayak tour. This is the perfect activity to introduce your children to adventure. On the program, a small trek to reach the lake with the packrafts on the back (ultra light inflatable kayak, bag of about 7kg for adults), then sailing to explore part of the wild lake. For the more daring, a few jumps and climbing! 

The security inside our activities

All our guides get the best certification 

The team of Secret River is the same since the beginning in 2017, we are a small company. All our guides are certificated with a french degree :  BPJEPS Canoë Kayak et disciplines associées. We are all with experience and we work on the Verdon since 7 years.  We know very well the river and we can adapt the tour if necessary. 

Good equipment ! 

The wetsuits

To guarantee a pleasant rafting and floating tour you need to be well equipped. For the adult, teenagers and kids, we have wetsuit of good quality. Every two seasons, we change all the wetsuit. 

The life jacket and helmet

Each participant is equipped with a lifejacket and helmet. According to your size and weight, you will get the good equipment. All the security equipment is tested every year in April. We have to respect all the french and european norms for these equipments.

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