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Discovery packrafting tour 
Canyon du Verdon



The trip 

The tour is in the first part of the canyon, along the path Blanc Martel. 


In July / August, every tuesday and friday (dam release). 

In April, May, June, September.



1 day - 9am - 4pm


Meeting place 

Chalet de la Maline


140€ / person

(no credit card)


For this trip, you need to  

- Be able to swim

- Be in good shape

(2 hours of hike, 3 hours of packraft)

- Know the basic of kayaking (turn, go straight, stop)

What to prepare 

- A bathing suite

- Closed sports shoes.

- Short, tee-shirt for the hike

- Head light

- Picnic and water (1,5l/pers)

The discovery packrafting tour

Packrafting is the best way to discover the canyon du Verdon, one of the most beautiful activity that you can do in this area.

The meeting place

- Meeting at 9 am at the carpark in front of the hôtel du grand canyon, close to the village of  Aiguines. This place will be the end of the trip. After a briefing, we will drive with the vehicle of Secret River to the starting point, about 45 min.  

The first hike

- 10h00 - 11h30 : After packing our backpack, we start the hike on the trail Blanc Martel. We walk along the Couloir Sansom and then after fews kilometers, we arrive to the put in for the packrafting. We have to inflate the kayak, and then after a good explication about the safety and the use of the packraft, we can start the adventure. 


The navigation

-11h30 - 15h00 : We go down the river of the Verdon, we ride the rapids and after a while we take time to to find a nice desert beach for the lunch. We are alone inside this canyon, just us and fews birds. We enjoy this moment and then it's time to continue the trip and discover the canyon of Artuby.  Around 3pm, we should arrive to the foot bridge of Estellier. It's the end of the navigation. 


The hike back

-15h00 - 16h00 : After packing again the packraft in the backpack, we start the hike bike to join the carpark of the morning. It's a steep hike, plus 400 meters. We should get the top after 1 hour of walk. You will be tired at the end of the day, but happy with this great adventure !

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