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Kayaking in the Gorges du Verdon


Kayaking with an airboat kayak
in the Gorges du Verdon

The kayak or Airboat (kayak with air inside) are great boat to discover the Gorges du Verdon. It's inflate kayak, very stable. 

Be ready to explore the Gorges and control your kayak inside the rapids. We have rapids between grade 2 and 3.  If the the level of water is strong, it can be recommended to have paddle before with a kayak ! 

The discovery kayaking trip - 8 km

This tour starts at the swimming pool of Castellane and it goes until the place of Chasteuil. We paddle the first kilometers of the Verdon and at the end of the run, we have the biggest rapid "La Barre Saint jean". You should be ready to ride it! 

Price : 45€/pers

Duration : 1h30 on the water, according to the level of the river

Availability : When the dam is open

To take with you: Sport shoes and swim suit


The discovery kayaking trip - 12 km

This trip starts at the same place, we go down the first 8 kilometers but then we continue for 4 more kilometers until the place Pont du Soleil.  

Price : 50€/pers

Duration : 2h00 - 2h30 on the water

Availability : When the dam is open

To take with you: Sport shoes and swim suit


Kayaking expedition 
inside the Grand canyon du Verdon

Unique kayaking expedition

This expedition is one of the most famous expedition that you can do in France. The plan of this one is to go down all the canyon until the lake Sainte Croix. People from all the world come in the Verdon to get the chance to ride the canyon. This descent lasts 31 kilometers (4 km of the last part of the Gorges + 27km of canyon)  We go in a remote place with many rapids from grade 2 until 4. This adventure is not easy, the river is full of traps (many syphons). 

Don't hesitate to watch the short movie of Nouria Newman. 

For this adventure, you have to : 

This adventure is dedicated at the kayakers with a long wild water experience. You need to be able to paddle river grade 4 and to roll in all circumstances. We will put in 4 kilometers before the entrance of the canyon. We will ride rapids 3 and 4. Each participant have to roll and play in these rapids before we go in the canyon. 

To take with you

Kayak and your own safety equipment

Picnic and water

Dry bag


Price : 450€ / group (until 4 persons)

Availability : April, May, June, September. July and August on request

Organisation of the day

- Meeting at 9am at the bridge of Carajuan 

- Navigation on the last part of the Gorges. (roll, surf, ...) 

- If you are fine, we go in the canyon. There is no exit before the end, but it's 27 kilometers of unforgettables landscapes ! 

- End of the canyon, shuttle to come back at your car. 

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