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Our activities in the Gorges du Verdon


What customers think about Secret River ?

Discover the Packrafting
in the Gorges du Verdon

The packrafting is a new activity ! 

A packraft is really light inflate kayak, around 3kg. With this packraft, it's really easy to imagine and create new trip in the Verdon mixing hiking and kayaking. 

Our trips are located in the Canyon du Verdon, we have to hike first and then we can access to the Verdon river and paddle in a really wild place where nobody can go except us ...

Discover the Floating in the Gorges du Verdon

The Floating is known to be an unforgettable experience...

Imagine yourself on a day-long adventure in one of the most remote and wild parts of the Grand Canyon du Verdon. Floating, or aquatic hiking, is a mix of activities: swimming in the rapids, hiking and base jumping (optional between 0,5 to 10 meters high). 

Floating can be done by everyone. We have easy trips for the family, discovery trip and sportive tour for the most adventurous ! 

The family floating tour

This tour is dedicated to the family with kid from 6 y.o. The tour is located in the most beautiful part of the Gorges du Verdon and the end is at the entrance of the canyon. It's a perfect activity for the family, with jumps, floating and great fun. 

The discovery floating tour - Couloir Samson

The tour is dedicated to the person who want to try this activity. This tour is also called Couloir Sansom, it's inside the first part of the canyon. You will get jumps, rapids and incredible landscapes ! 

The sportive floating tour - The mystic Floating

This tour is our favorite floating trip. It's a full day adventure dedicated to the sportive persons with hike at the beginning and at the end. All the floating part is just magic, far away from the ordinary tourism. Imagine yourself floating with more than 500 meters of cliffs overhead you ...

Discover the Rafting in the Gorges du Verdon

Rafting is one of the most popular activity in the Gorges du Verdon. We propose whitewater Rafting trips in the Verdon Gorge, with rapids and a landscape that you've only dreamed of. The Verdon gorge are located in the south east of France, in the Verdon regional parc. It's an amazing place for all the people who like nature. According to your request, we can offer you several trips : 

The sportive rafting tour

Come and try the trip called the Legendary Rafting. You will discover the Verdon Gorges from an unique way, with beautiful landscapes. You will go down rapids and enjoy the spirit of the river. All our rafting tour are done with a professional guide. We will paddle the last part of the Gorges until the entrance of the Canyon du Verdon. The end will be the place of Point Sublime.


The discovery rafting tour

Come with your family and discover the Verdon gorges with your childen during a rafting tour. The tour is really safe with a professional the guide ! 

Our values 

Secret River is a small company and we wish to keep this size ! The team works together since the beginning of the adventure in 2017. Since the beginning, we chose to make less rafting tour (only 2/day) to ensure a good quality service for our customers : staggered hours, new equipment, guides with all the new certifications, ... Since the beginning, we look for new trip where nobody goes. We found the packrafting activity and we keep moving  !  

Book by e-mail 

The easiest way to book will be by e-mail. You can contact us directly with our form, and then we will give you back an answer for the booking. 

Contact us by phone

For any question, if you prefer you can contact us with a call, we use whatapps also. 

Offer a gift certificate

If you're looking for a great idea for a gift, you can offer a gift certificate. You just need to choose the activity that you want to offer, and then the person who receive this gift needs to contact us to plan a date. He can use this gift certificate during one year. 

How to choose your activity
in the Verdon Gorges

In this area of the Verdon, you can explore this amazing place from various ways. According to your expectation, and the travelers who are with you, you have many options ! 

For the family with young children 

We suggest you to look all the activity that you can do with young kids. We have two options for you : the family rafting tour and the family floating tour. Both activities are great, floating is more individual (same group) than the rafting.   

For the family with teenagers 

You should do the sportive rafting tour and the discovery floating tour. The Verdon river is not an extreme river, and all these tours are really fun with the teenagers. Don't choose the family tour with teenagers, it can be a bit boring for them.  

For the sportive, friend group, couple 

The best for you if you are a bit sporty and if you want to discover this area far away from the ordinary tourism, will be to do the full day tour. Floating and packrafting are both great activities. Be ready to see another world !

How to book your activity with Secret River in the Verdon Gorges

Welcome at Secret River
in the Gorges du Verdon

Secret River will give you the opportunity to go through a perfect trip in the heart of the Verdon (Provence- Alpes-Côte d'Azur). You can choose to paddle with a raft, a packraft or to float inside the Grand Canyon du Verdon and you will come back with unforgettable memories.

Secret River is located at the village of Castellane. Most of the water activities start around the village of Castellane (04120). We are located at 45min form the lake Sainte Croix and the village called Moustiers Sainte Marie. 

My mission, show you the most wild and remote places... 


Welcome at Secret River
in the Gorges du Verdon

What do you need to bring ? 


For the rafting (all the tour) and floating (discovery and family), you only need sport shoes with a good sole, a swimsuit, and sun cream.

For the floating full day (The Mystic Floating), you have to bring a picnic with water (1,5l/pers), a short and tee shirt (for the hike). 

Secret River will give you all the specific equipment for the activity. 

What is your equipment ?

For the rafting, you will get :

- A neoprene suit (3mm or 5mm according to the weather)

- Lifejacket and helmet with the European certification

- A paddle


For the floating :

- A neoprene suit (5mm)

- Neoprene sock (according to the weather)

- Lifejacket and helmet with the European certification

- A waterproof box for the Mystic Floating (for the lunch and clothes)

For the packrafting : 

- A neoprene suit (3mm or 5mm according to the weather)

- Lifejacket and helmet with the European certification

- A paddle, skirt, backpack, waterproof bag

- A packraft


Each participant is responsible of his own equipment and of the equipment that Secret River loan (wetsuit, socks, helmet, life jacket, paddle, …). If someone destroy voluntarily the equipment, the equipment will be bill to the participant. You can receive the price of the gear if you ask us.

Your personal belongings ?

 All your belongings will stay at the starting point in your car. The guide will keep the key with him if you want. You don't need to take something with you.

The guide has a first-aid kit with him.

For the picture ? 


There are 2 photographers in the river during the rafting tour and floating tour (not the Mystic Floating). You can see the pictures after your descent in their shop (at Castellane) or on Internet. It's not free. 

If you have a waterproof camera, you can bring it with you but Secret River will be not responsible if you loose it or damage it. 

How to book & pay ?

 How to book ?

You just need to fill up the form. Then Secret River will confirm you the availability. We can ask you a print of credit card to confirm the booking (with the company Swikly). 

Before each tour, you will receive a call, email or a text message from Secret River.


How to pay ? 

You can pay by cash. We don't have the credit card machine on the place of the activity. There is no ATM on the meeting place.  


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