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Packrafting in the canyon of the Verdon,
Sportive tour



The trip 

The trip is from the Imbut until the lake Sainte Croix. We paddle in the last part of the canyon. 


In July / August, every Tuesday and Friday (dam release). 

In April, May, June, September, everyday if the dam is open or close, depending of the level of water



One full day

9 am - 5 pm (equipment, briefing, rafting, shuttle)


Meeting place


200€ / pers (no credit card)


3 pers min, 4 pers maximum


For this trip, you need to  

- Be able to swim

- Be in good shape (hard hike and kayak)

- Be 16 y.o at least

- Have a previous wild water kayaking experience 

What to prepare 

- A bathing suite

- Closed sports shoes.

- Short, tee shirt for the hike

- Picnic and water


The sportive packrafting trip

The sportive packrafting inside the canyon du Verdon is a really expedition. We go inside a remote place, far away from the civilisation. There is just one entry and one exit, it means, we have to finish this trip before the night! At the end of the canyon, we will reach the lake Sainte Croix. It's a great trip but it's an obligation to get experience with wild water kayaking. 

Meeting place 

- Meeting at 9am, at the carpark close to the bridge "Galetas". After the briefing, we will go with my vehicle to the starting place. We have to drive about 40 min to reach the starting point. 

The hike

- 10h00 - 12.30pm : After packing our packrafts in the backpacks, each person will take one and we start the hike of the Imbut. This hike is one of the most famous and beautiful hike that you can do inside this canyon. We will walk about 2 hours. According to the entrance of the Imbut, we will put in before or after the cave. There is sometimes trees inside, and we can not cross it. 

The navigation

-12.30pm - 5pm : We sail of the Verdon river, we use our kayak, packraft to discover this incredible place, far away from the ordinary tourism. Be ready to see another world. We will stop for the lunch on the bank, we will manage to find a desert beach inside the canyon. During all this section, there are many rapids that we can not run, (there are dangerous). We have to walk along these rapids, so it's why a really sporty day and you have to be in shape ! 

After 8 kilometers of sailing, we reach the lake Sainte Croix, where we meet the civilisation. 


The end of the adventure

Around 5 pm, you should reach the lake sainte Croix. We will change and pack again the packrafts. You will return to your car with a unforgettable memory of this canyon ! 

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