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General sales conditions 2024

Before the activity

If you book with Secret River, you have to be agree with all the terms below.

It’s an obligation to book before the activity. You can do it by phone, email, mail.


Secret River is a small company, the goal is to organise outdoor activity. Secret River is a commercial name, several guides use this name to work. Our activities are not very risky and almost every body can do it. To do the activities, you need :

- Be in shape enough for the activity. Don’t sur estimate yourself (If you have a doubt, please feel free to ask us)

- Be able to swim

- Not have any medical contraindications to practice these sport




During the activity, the staff of Secret River (guides, drivers, …)  are responsible of the group, they take the decisions and the group has to respect the decisions. The guide can decide to stop the activity if he thinks there is a danger for the group (weather, …). If someone makes mess or doesn’t listen the guide, the guide can consider expelling him/her of the group. (without refunded)




For all our activities, you have to carry all the time the safety equipment of Secret River (life jacket, helmet, ....) 



In accordance with the law, all the guide who work under the trade name “Secret River” has to contract a professional civil liability insurance.

Each guide has a professional registration number, and a professional civil liability insurance.

- Antoine Coudray.

N° Siret : 824 905 426 00014

He is covered by professional civil liability insurance, dedicated to the water sport activity. The company is Allianz. This insurance is included in the price of the activities. 

Insurance company: Allianz I.A.R.D - 1 cours Michelet - CS 30051 - 92076 PARIS LA DEFENSE Cedex

Contract n° : 55.885.787 subscribed SNGP CKDA


- François Hemidy

N° Siret : 



However, each participant needs to have his own civil liability insurance. In any circumstances, Secret River can be responsible of the loss, the robbery, the degradation of your personal belongings.



 Payment conditions

We ask you a deposit of 30% to pay before the activity, and the rest (70%) the day of the activity. If we don’t have time for the  deposit, we will ask you an imprint of the credit card. In this case, we work with the company Swikly :



If the customer cancels

The customer can decide to cancel or modify the booking without fees until 30 days before the day of the activity.

From the day 30 to the day 15 before the day of the activity, we will ask 30% of the total amount.

From the day 14 to the day 10 before the day of the activity, we will ask 50% of the total amount.

From the day 9 to the day 3 before the day of the activity, we will ask 80% of the total amount.

From the day 2 before the day of the activity, we will take 100% of the total amount.



If Secret River cancels 

In some case, we have to cancel the activity for special reasons and beyond our control. (weather, fire, flood, natural disasters, dam is closed, …) For all these cases, we will propose you another activity if it’s possible and if it’s not possible we will refund you.



Deterioration of the equipment 

Each participant is responsible of his own equipment and of the equipment that Secret River loan (wetsuit, socks, helmet, life jacket, paddle, …). If someone destroy voluntarily the equipment, the equipment will be bill to the participant. You can receive the price of the gear if you ask us.

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