The trip 

This trip starts at Pont de Taloire and finishes at Point Sublime, the entrance of the canyon


In July / August, every tuesday and friday (dam release). 

In April, May, June, September, everyday if the dam is open. 


2h00 - 2h30 on board

3h00 - 3h30 in total (equipment, briefing, rafting, shuttle)


Meeting place 

Pont de Taloire, D952, Castellane

Coordonnées GPS : N: 43°49'48.623 ; E: 6°27'17.355


60€ / adult

(no credit card)


For this trip, you need to  

- Be able to swim

- Be in good shape

- Be 13 years old at least

What to prepare 

- A bathing suite

- Closed sports shoes.

We provide all the equipment (wetsuit, helmet, lifejacket)

The Legendary Rafting

The trip of the Legendary rafting is the most sporty trip of the Gorges du Verdon. this river is not extreme, but it shows us amazing landscapes all the time. This tour gives us the opportunity to go down the Verdon with a rafting until the place called Point sublime, the entrance of the Grand canyon. The last part is the most beautiful, and it's here that the rapids are the bigger ! (classe 3-4)

The departure is at the place called Pont de Taloire, about 7 km downstream from Castellane (on the road of the gorges). We choose this place to start to be more quiet on the river. Almost all the companies of rafting start at Castellane in the same time, it's why we prefer to be downstream, almost alone on the river ! We go down the river until the Point sublime about 13 km downstream from the starting point. At the end of the tour, the guide will ask you some help to carry the raft (the hardest part of the trip !). The car park is located at 5 min from the finish point. 

All the raft are guided by a professional guide with french certification. 

If you want to discover the canyon, you can try the Mystic Floating. It's the full day floating tour. One of the most impressive tour in the Verdon. 

The packraft, will also give you the opportunity to discover the canyon from an unique way, a wild place far from the ordinary tourism. 

contact@secret-river.com / +33 (0)6 60 22 56 63

Secret River | 04120 CASTELLANE | Gorges du Verdon

www.secret-river.com / www.packraft-verdon.com

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